Mixing species

One of the nice things about our pasture arrangement is that most of the animals can hang out together. This has advantages… the chickens break up the horse manure looking for seeds and bugs, which keeps the flies down and help it compost quickly. The horse cleans up all the hay scraps the goats normally waste when it drops on the ground. The goats eat the weeds the horse won’t touch… and the list goes on.

Recently, we noticed something a bit unusual. Normally, the goats hang with the goats, the horse with himself, the chickens in their little groups, etc. However, we have two chickens who have never really bonded with any others in the flock. They have decided the past few weeks, they would simply rather be a goat.

When our main grandma goat lays down to chew her cud and nap, these two chickens typically hang with her. They also share the grain with her each day and have even started to lay eggs in the goat pen.

clover and chickensAs long as they all are happy!

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