It’s that piglet time of year!

At the end of every summer, we get a round of new piglets. We always raise two as they are much happier and healthier with a friend. We got these two about a month ago and they are settling in.


The first couple of days we had them, they did cause a little bit of ruckus. They were small and could fit through the farm fencing around their pen. We tried to reinforce it with some wood and extra fencing. However, they still managed to find a way out.

The first time they escaped we were home, so rounding them up was a bit of a trick… but still rather smooth sailing. The second time, we were at a soccer game. When we did get home, there were no piglets in their pen… and no piglets in our yard. The concept of loose pigs in the forests around us was not a pleasant one!

The kids headed off to the woods behind our home. Dan and I looked around the farmyard and eventually I headed off down the road. After about 30 minutes of searching, we were discussing what to do next when all of sudden, we heard little grunts coming from the bushes. One piglet was on the road side of our fence and the other on our side. Dan was able to go around and corner the piglet on the road. The other piglet was so excited that his friend was back in the yard, that he happily followed behind Dan (who was carrying the screaming bloody murder piglet) back to their pen.

My only regret was I did not have a camera. As the sight of Dan carrying one piglet (who was clearly freaking out) being followed by a second piglet who was trotting along behind him, eager to keep up, happily grunting was one of the cutest things I had ever seen!

After that, we decided to move our garden fencing (as the garden was done) and create a second layer of removable fence inside the pen. We have had no more escapes!


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