Escape Turkey

Our old Tom turkey must have overheard that Thanksgiving is coming up. The other day we realized he had disappeared from his pen. He has never gotten out before… and we aren’t sure how he got out this time. He is really too heavy to fly and the gates were all closed. But, out he got. And we thought he was gone for good. The family headed off into the forest to look, but I walked back towards the chicken coop. I decided to use my ears. One thing this Tom turkey is not, and that is quiet. He has a hard time resisting the urge to cluck and gobble.


Sure enough, I stood there quietly and was able to hear him off in the bushes. I called the rest of the family in and we were able to “herd” him into the pasture. He enjoyed his freedom – puffed up and handsome – showing off for the ladies.

He is now back in his pen… safe, for now.

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