Rooster continues to show his strength

So, the other day our big rooster proved his worth. The chickens were enjoying an unusually nice winter afternoon scratching and pecking in the grass when disaster struck. A coyote had found his way underneath our electric fence again.

While we didn’t see the whole attack, we did hear the commotion and caught the tail end of it. It appears as though the coyote sneaked up to one of the hens and tried to grab her. When she squawked, the rooster came to her rescue. He attacked the coyote head on, which caused him to drop the hen. Then both birds managed to escape by flying back up over the fence into the coop. The commotion caused the coyote to run back where he had come from. This gave us the opportunity to see where he was getting into the pasture. Amazingly enough, while they both lost lots of feathers – neither bird was injured.

The next day, we added another hot wire in the spot where the coyote had found a hole in the fence. We are hopeful that this will keep him at bay. However, knowing that our rooster is on alert offers some peace of mind. Although he is noisy and doesn’t lay any eggs, we are discovering he is an invaluable member of our farm.

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