New piglets!

‘Tis the season to get piglets! Yes, every year in the late summer/early fall new piglets arrive on our farm. We buy them from a local pig farmer who has been raising pigs for 30 plus years (and you can tell from the moment you get out of the car!)

The piglets always start off cute and curious – although fearful. They eventually learn that we bring them food treats and lose a lot of their fear. They are fun to watch, but also are one of the worst smelling animals on the farm. One of the reasons we choose to do our pigs in the winter is because of the odor. We don’t spend as much time outside in the winter, and the wind/cold keeps the smell down.


One response to “New piglets!

  1. They sure are cute when they’re little. Hopefully they’ll still be at the cute stage when we visit next month!

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