Egg? Ball?

So, my dog discovered that eggs are really just yummy tasting balls!

Copper loves to follow me around at chore time. Keeping pace with whatever I am doing; he is my shadow. However, if he comes across a ball hiding under a shrub or left out in the grass, his focus changes. Balls are his obsession.

copper (2)When he has found a ball, he instead brings it to my feet. Dropping it on the ground, where I can easily trip over it as I walk. To appease him and save myself from falling, I typically pick up the ball and throw it for him. This game continues on as I do my chores. He brings it to my feet and I bend and throw.

Since his eyes are always peeled for a lonely ball, I guess I should not have been surprised what happened when one day I laid a few eggs on a feed bin at his eye level. I didn’t think much of it, but he did. I went along to do some of my other chores. When returning to the barn, I noticed two things. There were only two eggs on the feed bin where there had been three before and the dog was not with me. I thought maybe an egg had rolled off and looked around for it, but couldn’t find it. Odd, I thought.

I continued on with my chores. When I finished I began to wonder where the dog was… As I rounded the corner both my mysteries were quickly solved. There was the dog, consuming the egg in the grass. I am sure it was a pleasant surprise to realize the ball you just picked up had a tasty center!

I now have to be more careful about where I place the eggs!

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