Gunner the Goat

Many people assume when they meet our two goats that one is the mom and the other is the dad of our goat babies. However, a quick look quickly confirms they are both female. The next obvious question is… how did you get the babies?

Well, we don’t have to go into a great discussion about the birds and the bees (although farming is a great way to teach your kids these important life lessons!) but we do need to explain how we came to have a male goat — at least for only two days.

Unless you are a large goat breeder, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to own a fertile male goat. A buck, as they are called, can be stinky and a bit difficult to manage. You can’t keep them in the herd, unless you want lots of goats! They can be more aggressive (although many are very friendly). But most important, they smell. Bucks want to coat themselves with their goat “perfume” to be noticed by the females. This lovely scent comes from their urine… and yes, they do pee all over themselves!

That said, we have no desire for a buck… but we do want kids so we can get the goat’s milk. For us, it is easy because we have a friend who is a Nubian goat breeder and she will loan us one of her bucks for a couple of days for a reasonable fee.

This recent batch of kids has a young Nubian dad named Gunner. The pictures of him follow below. Our young male baby looks like a mini version of him!

IMG_0570GunnerVisit - 2

2 responses to “Gunner the Goat

  1. I hope you can find a good home for Gunner. I have often wondered why old men are sometimes called “old goats”. Now I know why! One of the organic acids (like acetic acid) is called caproic acid as it smells really bad and “caproic” means goat!


    • Actually Gunner isn’t our goat, we just borrowed him for breeding. He has a great home with a large herd 🙂

      And yes! Goat urine is one of the worst smelling, at least to us humans. But I guess goats find it attractive 😉

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