Selling goats

???????????????????????????????We sold two of our goats today. It was time, but also a bit hard. The man who bought them needs some goats to clear some brush and they will do a great job. As we helped him load them into the back of his SUV, I had flashbacks to when we got our first goat. She was our first farm animal and we were totally clueless. I get the sense we are helping another family embark on that same adventure.

The trick with having a farm is not really getting too attached to your animals. They aren’t pets, but they become a part of your life. Since we have goats to keep the horse company, clear brush and provide us with milk we don’t have a need for more than two. Therefore, we really had two too many.

In order to have an animal in milk, she needs to get pregnant. If I plan to keep milking my goats, I will need to have a plan for getting rid of the babies. This was my first step. I sold one of my mom goat’s babies and a companion goat. I sold them as a pair, so at the very least… whatever their new lives bring, I know they will have each other.

Letting go is part of growing up. I guess I am growing up as a farmer.

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