Clover scare

cloverWe had a bit of a scare the other day with our goat Clover. We came home from being out all day and found her standing in the rain in the pasture. The weather had been warmer for about a week and then turned wintery cold again. I was shocked to see her out in the rain getting wet rather than snuggled dry in her shelter.

We had a busy morning, so I hadn’t yet milked her. When I tried to get her to follow me to the barn, she wouldn’t move. This is a goat that normally runs to the barn to get her grain. I knew something was up. I finally convinced her that the barn was a good idea and she jumped up to get milked like normal. All seemed okay until I was done. I let her out of the milk stand but instead of wanting to join her friends in the pasture, she chose to lie down in the barn and not move.

She was definitely not well. But we couldn’t figure out what exactly was wrong. We took her temperature and it was normal. She had no obvious injuries or other signs of illness. We were baffled.

After finally getting her back in the goat pen, we went to research what might be the issue. One website mentioned anemia and how to check for it… so I went out to look. You were supposed to check the skin underneath the eyelids. It was supposed to be red or dark pink. Light pink or white was not good. Sure enough, she was very anemic as her eyelid skin was mostly white. This certainly explained the lethargy… but why did it happen so fast? And what caused it to begin with?

We spent the next few days giving her iron and vitamin B shots. We also wormed her (as worms can cause anemia). She was better each day and is now back to being her usual self. The anemia is gone. I am left assuming it was the worms but it is something we need to watch. And something new I got to learn!

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