Blessings on a Farm

As a new hobby farmer, I am always intrigued to read about other small family farms and their trials and successes. One common theme I have noticed is a connection to the larger spiritual realm. When you take off your city shoes and really become truly grounded you begin to notice the blessings that surround.

It seems almost counter-intuitive. How does focusing on the earth bring you closer to heaven? Well, trying it is the only way to understand it.

There are so many opportunities for blessings, peace and grace on a farm. It is life at its core. It connects you to your true roots. It helps you appreciate the past while contemplating what the future will bring to the world that has lost this connection.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to remember to count a blessing each day. Some of them have been simple and some more complicated, but I find so many of them rooted in our rural farm lifestyle.

I am truly thankful for the sincere kindness and generosity of my neighbors. Living in the country is different. While your neighbors are physically farther away, they are emotionally much closer. We rely on each other out here and I find joy in both the giving and the receiving of that simple grace of loving thy neighbor.

I am blessed to have animals in my and my children’s lives. What better way for them to learn the lessons of life. Enjoying the miracle of creation by watching the birth of a baby goat. Teaching how patience and persistence is the best tool to getting a horse to perform how you want. Learning that by offering kindness and consistency you can get further with creatures than any other method. Sensing the huge responsibility that goes into being accountable for another life form.

I am thrilled by the natural surroundings of living in the woods. From the mystery of wildlife to the terror of a tree falling. The rawness of the forest impacts all that lives within it.

I am lucky to have the ability to provide food for my family that is some of the healthiest and richest you can come by. Not only do we enjoy the nourishment, but also the process of what goes into making the food we eat. There is no better way to appreciate how important it is that our food is both ethical and sustainable for the earth and our own bodies.

Then, I sit back and savor the amazing awesomeness of the earth in its creation. It is at this point when it becomes so easy to see how you can touch God through the earth and nestle in the power and beauty of all the spiritual world has to offer.  There is a miracle that occurs every day in nature, just simply take a look.

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