Tree Cleanup

We have part of our tree cleanup completed. Enough that we were also able to fix the fence and let the goats back out in their pasture again. It took some strong backs and our neighbor with a chainsaw to get the job done.


We have learned that most of our neighbors use wood stoves to heat their homes. It is no surprise given the cost of heating and the ample supply of wood around. However, we chose to get a pellet stove as our main heat source as it saved us a lot of time in chopping wood and was a more efficient heat source. Therefore, when a tree falls in our woods, whether we hear it or not, someone always wants the wood. We have found a nice arrangement where we give our fallen wood away in exchange for their labor to cut and move it out.


Thus, all it took was a phone call to our neighbor and he came over quite willing to help us cut while we stacked and moved. It is a win-win for both of us. A cord or more of maple isn’t cheap and we don’t want it on our ground! One of the many ways we have learned to work together in our little rural town.


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