Another Happy New Year!

It is interesting to me, that today, the first day of 2013, is extremely windy. As a matter of fact, they have actually issued a high wind warning for our area starting tonight at midnight. I don’t think I have seen a high wind warning for our woods before, as the winds are a part of the territory here. It is not abnormal to see gusts up to 50 mph. So, if there is a wind warning, it is sure to be unusually bad.

But, what makes this interesting to me on this New Year ’s Day, was how windy it was last year on this date. I only know this because today, one year ago, was the day I started this blog. Certainly windy days are common in the winter, but not every day is a strong wind day like today.

The blog was my experiment, my resolution of sorts for the year of 2012. I figured today would be a good day to reflect on that. First, I am quite proud I kept the blog going, continuing to post all year long. I am also enjoying reading my own blog and learning from the past. For example, I know that soon my chickens will start laying eggs again because I blogged about that on January 16th, 2012. I have also learned that while January was the month I made the most posts, it was likely due to the newness of the blog. Not much happens around the farm in February. March is a time for planning. April is when spring really starts to show around here and May is such a busy month for us, there is no time to blog about it.

Summer is when most of our adventures happen. Fall is for fixing and updating, while November is the best month for autumn color. December goes by so fast, with all the holiday bustle… and that brings me back to today, the first day of January. A day of emotional beginnings and a wonder for what the new year will bring. Will I continue to have new adventures to write about? Will have to see…

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