Breakaway Horse

So, while we were all out today, running Christmas errands and volunteering at a 4H Storybook Lane, one of our horses decided to go out on an adventure himself. He had decided there must be greener grass – as his pasture was dying back for the winter.

We came home late afternoon to a message on our phone from our neighbor. She had our horse Zip in her horse’s paddock. I guess he came over to visit her lonely mare!

She took these pictures of them. Certainly he seemed happy… and the mare neighed in distress as I brought him home. Thankful for awesome, helpful neighbors!

zip and cheyenne

We also discovered how he made his escape. He was in our next door pasture and the battery for the hot wire had gone dead. He found a spot where we only had one wire and simply walked under. Should be an easy fix.

zip out

Luckily our horse was smart enough to walk a 1/4 mile down our gravel road to a friend’s place to visit!

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