Windy in the Woods

It is windy on the farm tonight. It has been windy for the last few days. The peak wind gust was 73 MPH this morning, which blew the neighbor’s tree onto our power lines. Winds have been steady at 25 to 40 MPH, with gusts every 15 minutes or so that range between 55 to 70 MPH. It is why our farm got its name.

The wind is an interesting visitor. It spooks the horses and the dog. Drives the cats to hang close to the porch. Provides flying food for the goats (they love to eat the leaves and needles on the broken branches). Ruffles feathers on the chickens and causes the pigs to bark and wrestle.

For us people, it is scary and amazing at the same time. An incredible force of nature occurring right in front of your eyes. It adds adventure to our days. It brings us back to the simple life when we lose modern living through electricity. It is the ever humming noise that keeps you awake at night. It creates challenges as tarps and garbage cans blow, branches fall on fences, and the cold creeps in all the nooks and crannies.

However, I also find I enjoy the wind. It is a part of where we live and a common visitor to our community. It is becoming a part of our lives and we welcome it as you would with any guest, with an open heart.

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