Registering Goats

We are currently in the process of trying to register our yearling goats. Typically this is all done right after they are born, but as a new farm we have had to learn all the steps and file the proper paperwork. The first was getting a farm name and a herd name. This is actually what led us to create Windy Woods Farm. Our goat herd name had to be unique, so it is officially Vasen WindyWood. Any goat baby born on our property will have that as part of its officially registered name. Our two goat babies will be registered as Vasen WindyWood Crystal and Vasen WindyWood Pebbles.

Now that we have a farm name, a herd name and both are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association the next step was to tattoo the goats with our official tattoo. Each goat had to have our farm tattoo WWFF and then the year tattoo B and the birth order tattoo – 1 for Crystal and 2 for Pebbles. Our goat whisperer friend came to help with the tattooing.

You essentially rub the tattoo ink onto their ear after you prick it with the tattoo gun. The gun has sharp needles that leave the imprint of the letters and numbers that make up the tattoo. Needless to say, the goats hate you after it is done!

I took some pictures, but everyone was moving around so much… they are a bit blurry.

The tattoo gun

Unhappy goat

Finished tattoo

Basically green ink gets on everything and looks like a green blob on their ear for a few weeks. Eventually the green wears off except in the spots where the gun pierced the ear skin. What is left is a reminder of who the goats are, their breeding and who owns them.

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