Sneaky Miss Turkey

Our female turkey has been hanging with the chickens since Tom passed away. However, she does not think she is a chicken. She refuses to lay her eggs in the coop. Instead, she found a secret hiding place on our property to stash them. So secret, we didn’t even know where it was.

She first started disappearing every afternoon for a few hours. I told the kids I was sure she was laying an egg on her nest and if we could find her – we could find the nest. So, they searched around, but no luck.

Finally, one evening she didn’t come home at bedtime. I looked everywhere for her, but it was getting dark. I had to close the coop and hope her secret spot was good enough to protect her from predators through the night. We weren’t hopeful that we would see her again.

However, the next morning at feeding time, she showed up. Quickly too… so I knew her nest was close. But still, no idea where it was. We had to find her though as each evening she would hide there and eventually something was going to find her.

So, we went on a hunt. And while standing by the barn thinking of the places to look, I spotted her out of the corner of my eye. It actually made me jump, as it was so unexpected. When we peeled her off her nest, we found 13 eggs! Wow! Too bad they weren’t fertilized.

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