Little Mounds of Dirt

We had heard the stories of the moles in our area long before we moved here. Not sure quite why moles love our village, but they do. They are such a phenomenon that every year at the local 4th of July festival, there is a mole contest. People enter them in competitions for the largest as well as dress them up in costumes. Yes, they are all dead of course.

So, in many ways they shouldn’t have surprised us when we found evidence all over our property. They are better than gophers, as moles don’t actually eat your plants. They also help aerate the soil. We even use the ground up earth from their mounds for our plant pots.

They aren’t all good, though. Mole hills make for an unsightly lawn. Their tunnels are a hazard for the horses’ heavy hoofs. And when they choose to dig under our plants, they can cause some serious damage.

Our defense? We are pretty low key. The cats love to hunt them and it is fun to watch as they stare at the mounds of dirt waiting for them to move. We also have a few mole deterrents that release a sound they don’t like in the ground. But, in general, we have learned to share the land with them.

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