Garden Predator

I can’t help but just scream out… “bunny!” when I see the cute things hopping across the road or in the pasture. However, there is a big downside. Rabbits, like Peter Rabbit from the storybook, sure love to invade your garden!


I figured I must have been in the country when I saw as many rabbits as I did squirrels and birds. Rabbits just aren’t found in the suburbs. While we sure thought they were cute and we even gave them names… they are no pets. They love to rob our harvest long before it has a chance to start.

We won’t have much of a bean harvest due to the rabbits this year. Last year, they ate all our lettuce, but this year – it was the beans.

Notice the bean stock with no leaves? That was the rabbit. Too bad it didn’t eat the weeds instead!

A second shot of the missing leaves and empty bean stock — but lots of weeds left untouched!

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