Itchy, itchy… scratch, scratch

With all the wet we get in our long rainy springs, there is always a few months of mosquito hell in June and July. They bite everything, the horses, goats, cats, dog… and of course, us people too! One of our problems is water accumulation on our property where they can breed and multiply. We try to do our best to remove anything that accidentally holds water, but our real problem is the animal water troughs. Those must stay full all the time.

Our largest trough holds 75 gallons of water for the horses. It is almost a mini-pond in itself. We put a couple of goldfish in there and haven’t seen much of them since. I think they hide down in the dark and occasionally we see one dart around. So I know they are in there. They should help with algae and insect larva. Then, to be sure… we bought some mosquito dunks – which you float in the water and they release a chemical that is hazardous to the larva, but not fish or other animals.

So far, the population of squirmy things in our water troughs has dramatically reduced. We are still swatting mosquitoes, as they still seem to find ways to make our lives itchy!

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