Hay Day Again

With four goats and two horses, we go through a lot of hay. Every summer around the 4th of July is hay cutting season. It is the best time to get hay, as the farmers want to move it off the field into your barn and not have to store it. This year, hay season is late due to all the rain we had in June. They can’t cut hay until they have a stretch of warm weather as the grass has to be completely dry when cut and then after cutting, it sits for a few days in the sun before it is baled.

So, when I got the emails from the people I get hay from that they were cutting this week, I had to be ready. This year I decided to get the hay all from one person who typically has had good hay in the past. He delivered three tons to us on Wednesday… but I had a dilemma. How to get it all into our barn! Usually our family moves the hay, but with this much… it was going to be stretch… especially since we would need to put at least a ton of hay in the loft.

I decided to try something new… I asked for help. I hired three young, strong men to move the hay. They had to carry it to the barn and then load the loft and the storage areas. They did it in one hour – I was impressed. Although it cost more money, I think this was money well spent. Saves my back and my husband’s allergies.

Now we have a stocked barn full of hay… it feels good – one less stress for us over the next 7 months or so.

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