Spring Garden

Oh my, spring is a busy time. Too busy to take the time to write about it! I have fallen behind on my blogging…

However, we do have a garden planted and ready for the warm weather to come. The last couple of years we have had an unusually cool spring, which makes for a later growing season for the garden. In the gorge, the season is already a bit short compared to the valley. Therefore, we have to be selective and buy cooler season vegetables or short maturation varieties.

As you can see from the picture, the seeds are planted and the starts are in the ground. Although it looks small and simple now, it is amazing to see how wild and grown the garden is in September. We are looking forward to corn, beets, carrots, herbs, pumpkins, broccoli, chard, peas, beans, melons, squash, flowers, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, and much more!

Just don’t let the scarecrow frighten you away!

One response to “Spring Garden

  1. I’ve been watching the temps in Corbett, which are increasingly summer-like. So no doubt your garden is growing nicely!

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