Patience on the Farm

One trait I think many of us lack living in the fast paced world of today is patience. Our family has tried to tune out as much technology as we can from our life that isn’t necessary and moving to the country was part of that. While we still are invaded by cell phones, ipods and wii systems – we really also try to balance that with the patience that comes from having a hobby farm and enjoying the natural world around us.

The grass is starting to grow.

The farm is full of waiting. Waiting for the grass to grow tall enough in the pasture to let the animals graze again. Waiting for the turkey eggs to hatch to see if they are successful as parents. Waiting for the broccoli seedlings to grow enough that we can harvest our first fresh crown for dinner. The list goes on.

I actually treasure this waiting at times, although I do admit at other times being frustrated. What I have learned is that frustration doesn’t make any difference in the farm waiting game. There isn’t a way to speed up the process. You have to sit back and enjoy the passage of time. There is always something else to do to fill time anyway. Our farm lists are endless. Life already does move too fast, it is nice to observe the slowness along the way.

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