Mama Turkey

My husband came inside and announced, “I think I have some bad news.” We all looked at him and waited. “Well, I searched everywhere but I can’t find mama turkey.”

“Did she get out of the pasture? Did you look in the chicken coop?” We all racked our brains. “Yes,” he said. “I looked everywhere.” He then went back outside. I turned to my son and said, “hmmmmm, I bet our mama bird found herself a place to lay her eggs!”

Sure enough, my son come running back in a few minutes later. “We found her!” She had made her own little nest under some trees outside of the pasture fence. Not only was she there sitting on her eggs… she had been doing this for a few days as we found three eggs in the nest.

We moved them back to the turkey coop nest to see if that would get her to change her ways… as the spot she chose was sure to be found by some predator. And she can’t sit there overnight when she gets broody.

We are really hoping mama and papa turkey will raise us up some turkey chicks this year! More to come on this story…

Mama Turkey’s nest in the woods

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