When we moved to our little farm a few years back, one of the “crops” it was missing was blueberries. We did buy a handful of young plants to start that year, but this week we found a great resource for some more! These plants are more mature and come from shoots of older, well-established plants. We decided to buy ten more and bring our total of blueberry bushes closer to 20.

Blueberries are an amazing food source. They are the easiest berry to harvest (no thorns!), they love the acidic soil of the Pacific Northwest, and as a food… they are known as a superfood. One of the best sources of antioxidants found for your body! Our family loves blueberries, there are so many ways to use them, they are easy to grow and they are easy to persevere (simply freeze!)

The trick now will be finding the right spot to plant them so they really thrive!

3 responses to “Blueberries!!

  1. Once your blueberry bushes take hold you will have an annual feast! I’ll send you a blueberry tart recipe I just saw – it sounds delicious. Needless to say your berries probably won’t be ready this year but I’m sure there are a few in and around your neighborhood.

    • Yes, actually the man we bought these blueberry bushes from told us to pinch the blossoms off this year so they focus on establishing roots. However, we do still have some younger plants we planted a few years ago that we hope provide some harvest this year. But if not, yes, there are actually quite a few u-pick blueberry farms in the gorge. It is one of the more popular farm crops. Look forward to seeing the recipe! Thanks!

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