A Typical Day on the Farm

To follow up on my discussion on the time it takes to run a small hobby farm, I also have been thinking about exactly what we do each day. I figured it would be fun to type up our schedule.

Morning Chores

  • Let our dog out into run
  • Feed the dog dry kibble
  • Feed the cats dry kibble
  • Open up the chicken coop to let chickens into their run
  • Feed chickens both kitchen scraps and pellet food
  • Toss out two flakes of hay to the horses
  • Fill the grain bowl in the milk stand with goat chow and beet pulp
  • Bring in the milk goat
  • Milk while she eats her grain
  • Let the milk goat back into the pasture
  • Release the kid goats from their pen
  • Feed three flakes of hay to the goats and horses
  • Let turkeys out of their house
  • Give the horses their grain mix of rolled oats and beet pulp
  • Check all the waters; fill if needed
  • While doing the chores, you are petting and reviewing each animal for a health status… as well as checking the levels of food, bedding, etc to make a list of anything we need to buy
  • Check pigs – fill water and grain bin if needed
  • Bring milk into the house to pasteurize
  • Move horses into one of the larger pastures and clean up any manure
  • Dump manure wheelbarrow into compost heap

Evening Chores

  • Bring dog in
  • Take up the cats food for the night
  • Close up the chicken coop and bring in their food to the barn
  • Collect any eggs
  • Put out the flakes of hay to the goats and horses
  • Separate the kid goats into their pen with their hay
  • Put turkeys back in their house; fill their feed bin
  • Put out the grain for the horses
  • Check all waters
  • Bring horses in from the pasture
  • Check pigs water and grain
  • Clean out pig pen of waste
  • Check garden plants – water if needed, harvest, etc

Now what happens between morning and evening chores can vary widely. Many days we have to work at our jobs and the kids have school. On our days off, we might have other activities like 4H, sports, social events, etc. But, the days that we do work on the farm that time between chores can be a busy one! Some farm activities include:

  • Barn cleanup
  • Weeding
  • Horse riding/training
  • Bathing animals
  • Moving hay
  • Fixing fences, shelters, etc
  • Health maintenance – vaccinations, worming, hoof trims, etc
  • Brush/groom animals
  • Clean out the various animal shelters/pens
  • Planting and garden prep
  • Pruning
  • Mowing
  • Seeding
  • Washing animal buckets, water troughs and bins
  • Going to the feed store
  • Preparing food/preserving

One response to “A Typical Day on the Farm

  1. We are impressed with all the stuff you have to do to keep the Farm and Family operational. Glad you folks are young and energetic!
    Thanks putting up your blog. We enjoy following your activities.

    Dad and Kathy

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