Welcome to the Country

My daughter had a project in school about storytelling. She was required to share a story in front of a group that was humorous or had special meaning to her. She wrote a story about a time when we had first started our farming adventure. I thought it would be a fun story to share on this blog.

Welcome to the Country

My family and I moved to the country because my parents wanted to be able to have animals like horses and goats, and even pigs. So when we moved here to Corbett, I was kind of excited because I got to get a horse, but kind of not because I didn’t want to leave my friends. We moved anyway.

Once we got the old house sold the new house bought and got moved in, my parents wanted to get some animals. We had lived there for about a year and had some goats, when my dad decided he wanted to get some pigs.

We looked for someone that had piglets for sale. We found one and went over there. We got two pigs and put them in the back of our car. I was in the back seat of the car and the back/trunk of the car is open to the back seat. We didn’t have a cage for them so I could reach back and touch them if I wanted. They kept trying to get into the seat where I was.

My brother and I were really freaked out. So when we got home I ran to the house, but I forgot the door was locked! So I couldn’t get in. Meanwhile because we didn’t have a cage for them, when my mom opened the door, both pigs jumped out and ran off. My brother and I were on the porch as close to the house as we could get. We have a big property but it is long and skinny, so we were worried that the pigs would escape to our neighbors yard or go deeper into our property which is all forest. So my parents were chasing after the pigs, and the pigs were running in circles around our house. My brother and I were sitting there and we would see a piglet run by and then I would see my mom and dad run by after it and then I would see the other pig run by following. Did I mention that my parents knew nothing about farming?

It went on like that for a while, until my parents decided to give up and call some friends that knew farming and had had piglets before. So they unlocked the door (finally) and called some friends. My brother and I could of gone inside but we decided to stay outside and watch, it was just too entertaining. Some of our neighbors and the people we got the piglets from came and continued to chase the pigs around the house. Eventually they got them cornered in the barn and were able to catch them and put them in a cage.

We learned lots of lessons from moving to the country, and that was definitely one of them. One thing I remember most about that day and other days when we learned something was, how everyone kept saying, “Welcome to the country.”

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