“Hey Mom, where do you want me to put the eggs?” Yells my son to me in the pasture. Eggs? How could he have eggs, I think?

Okay, yes, we have laying chickens, so why would I be surprised he found eggs in the coop? Well, let me put it this way, it is the middle of winter and our chickens haven’t laid eggs in two months!

See, chickens lay eggs only under optimum conditions. One of the important factors to a chicken is the life of her future offspring – so eggs are normally laid when the weather is at its best. How do they know? Well, us humans have determined it has to do with the amount of light they receive. Therefore, big egg farms and even some backyard chicken owners give their chickens artificial light in the winter to keep them laying eggs.

We decided when we started farming that we wanted to be as natural about the process as possible. So, for me, I wanted to give my chickens the break from egg laying that Mother Nature gave them. I figured it was good for their health not to put that strain on their body when the weather was already working against them.

So, it was a surprise to find three eggs in the coop today. And I imagine we will intermittently start to see some eggs each week until spring finally comes and we are back to nine eggs a day. Kind of like a late Christmas present… fresh eggs again!

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