My Little Escape Artist

Living amongst farm animals is always a bit like living in the pages of a mystery novel. We often discover little things that have occurred, but of course, the animals can’t tell us what happened. So, we have to do the detective work ourselves.

Today was one of those days. I went out to do my morning chores and discovered a change in the pasture. Normally at night, we close the kid goats up in the shelter to restrict their ability to nurse on mom… thus allowing us a good full udder of milk each morning. However, today, one of the kids, Pebbles, was in with the two adult goats, while her sister was “maaing” up a storm in the shelter.


“Oh hello, what are you doing here?” I say… as I went through the process of feeding the chickens, cats and setting up the grain on the milk stand for Clover. The only answer I received was your typical kid maa in return.

Of course, Clover had significantly less milk for me this morning… which is to be expected since Pebbles had her turn first. As I milked, I wondered what could have occurred to allow one kid out and the other one still stuck in the pen. I was eager to see what the shelter would tell me once I went out to the pasture to let the poor lonely goat out.

Unfortunately, the shelter did not have a story to tell. The gate was still securely latched and everything appeared to be in order. I had to stand there and imagine myself as a little goat to figure out what may have occurred. While I am still not certain, my assumption at this time was the feed crate had been turned over (which has happened before, but this time it was laying close to the gate). Since goats are notorious jumpers, I am assuming she used the upturned crate as a springboard over the fence.

I will move the crate out tonight and hope I am correct. If not, I am sure I will find her out in the morning again tomorrow and will have to do more sleuthing to solve this mystery.

2 responses to “My Little Escape Artist

    • It looks like your instincts were correct – being curious paid off. Glad to know both goats are now in the pen at night.

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