Happy New Year!

Welcome to Windy Woods farm’s first post. Today is one of those kinds of days that gives our farm its name. The east winds are blowing steady at around 30mph with gusts as high as 55mph. The wind is both a blessing and a challenge, but we take it as part of our life living in a scenic gorge. With the wind blowing top notch, our farm is filled with crisp sunshine. The leaves are dancing to their own tune, while the trees sway along.

With the first day of the new year, we welcome 2012 with a blog. Our hope is to capture and share the many adventures our family has on our humble hobby farm.

2 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. What a great blog! I know I enjoyed my visit to Windy Woods Farm in September 2011. Not windy then, but some rain. Don’t want to go to your farm without the experience of a true Oregon vacation, so rain is fine. Especially when your starting point is the desert in Southern California. Happy New Year to “all” of you. May your new year be filled with new additions to the farm, plenty of great home-grown food for healthy meals, and good health to all.

    • I love all the pictures and look forward to a visit to Windy Woods Farm in 2012. In the meantime, happy new year to all – including the horses, goats, cats, chickens, pigs, turkeys, dog, and local critters to come to visit the farm from time to time.

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