Our Products

Windy Woods Family Farms currently sells pasture raised, antibiotic free meat and eggs.

Contact us at windywoodsfamiliyfarm@gmail.com or 503-912-4288 for current availability


Award winning eggs from chickens fed USDA organic feed (no GMOs) raised on a no-spray pasture. $5 dozen both pickup and local delivery available.

Fresh pasture raised eggs

Half Eggs:

Bantam “half” eggs for sale! $4 for a dozen. They are perfectly small for those times when you need half an egg when you are cutting a recipe in half! Our bantams are also fed 100% USDA organic non-GMO chicken feed.

A dozen tiny blue eggs

Meat products:

Chicken: Pasture raised, healthy whole chickens

Pork: Pasture raised pork, both whole and half hogs available. We are taking pre-orders for pork. We will be raising up a batch of pasture hogs who roam free on fresh land among trees, grass and shrubs! They will be ready sometime this December and we will deliver the pork cut and wrapped for you for one price of $6 a pound on the hook. If you would like a whole or half pig, please let us know ASAP! We have a limited supply.

Turkey: Pasture raised, healthy whole turkeys

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