Farm Sitting Services

Windy Woods Farm & Pet Sitting

Contact: 503-422-7393 – Call us to discuss rates and availability.

Debbie and Jasmine

Daughter and mother team who has first-hand experience with a variety of animals: goats, horses, pigs, dogs, cats, turtles, lizards, fish, chickens, turkeys, cows, sheep, birds, guinea pigs, rabbits and we are always willing to add more!

Our services range to the simple feeding your cat to handling the whole range of farm chores!

If you are going out of town or simply need someone to put away your chickens before it gets dark at night, we are here to help!

References are also available.

Services and Rates:

$20 – Daily Visit

Once a day visit to your place at your preferred time (morning, afternoon, evening). Chores offered include:

  • Feed animals
  • Water animals
  • Collect paper and mail
  • Turn on/off lights
  • Water potted plants
  • Collect eggs
  • Let out/in animals

$30 – Twice Daily Visit

Twice a day visit to your place morning and evenings. Previous chores included.

$5-$10 – Fast Food Option

Do you just need someone to check your home? Only feed a cat? Let out your chickens? We can negotiate a special rate for a simple chore.

Additional Optional Chores:

  • Milk animals (goat or cow) – $10 per animal
  • Exercise horses – $10 per animal
  • Walk dog – $10 for 30 minutes
  • Water a garden — $10
  • Clean stall — $5 a day
  • Clean/organize a barn — $20 an hour
  • Something else you need? Just ask!!

Specialized Requests

Have a special need? Want a regular service? Just ask!

3 responses to “Farm Sitting Services

  1. What a great idea. Too bad you are so far away as Kipsi would like a dog sitter when we are gone.
    Dad (Papa)

  2. I love the site! And the service! Just found you from the community pages. We’ll definitely be using you when we need our getaway! : – )

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