Farm Sitting Services

Windy Woods Farm & Pet Sitting

References are also available.

Services and Rates:

$20 – Daily Visit

Once a day visit to your place at your preferred time (morning, afternoon, evening). Chores offered include:

  • Feed animals
  • Water animals
  • Collect paper and mail
  • Turn on/off lights
  • Water potted plants
  • Collect eggs
  • Let out/in animals

$30 – Twice Daily Visit

Twice a day visit to your place morning and evenings. Previous chores included.

$5-$10 – Fast Food Option

Do you just need someone to check your home? Only feed a cat? Let out your chickens? We can negotiate a special rate for a simple chore.

Additional Optional Chores:

  • Milk animals (goat or cow) – $10 per animal
  • Exercise horses – $10 per animal
  • Walk dog – $10 for 30 minutes
  • Water a garden — $10
  • Clean stall — $5 a day
  • Clean/organize a barn — $20 an hour
  • Something else you need? Just ask!!

Specialized Requests

Have a special need? Want a regular service? Just ask!

3 responses to “Farm Sitting Services

  1. What a great idea. Too bad you are so far away as Kipsi would like a dog sitter when we are gone.
    Dad (Papa)

  2. I love the site! And the service! Just found you from the community pages. We’ll definitely be using you when we need our getaway! : – )

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